Vision, Mission & Core Values


We envision a world where people experience an abundant and purposeful life of wholeness, health and a powerful intimacy with God and each other.



Word of Life Ministries boldly breaks down barriers by empowering people to grow in their intimacy with God and each other through confident worship, Bible study, community and service-minded outreach programs, and personal growth plans.


Core Values

We believe the message of God meets the rigorous demands of life through love, grace and acceptance and that is how we approach our ministries. Our church is devoted towards believers and those disconnected from their relationship with the Creator; each of us different and yet striving towards wholeness through an authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Word of Life Ministries holds these ideals most important as we build relationships with our valued families, friends and neighbors – the world over:

 • Empowerment • Mercy • Hospitality • Accountability